Placement, Precision Will Rule at TPC

Golf Digest

One of the hopes when they moved the World Golf Hall of Fame induction from the fall to Players Championship week was that more active players and Hall of Fame members would show up for the ceremony. Not so much.

On Monday night, when Fred Couples, Colin Montgomerie, Ken Venturi, Willie Park Jr. and Ken Schofield were enshrined, only eight WGHOF members were on hand and more caddies attended than active players. Oh, and all eight of the members in attendance were women.


"I know how to get more men to show up at the ceremony," LPGA founder and 89-year-old sage Louise Suggs said at the cocktail party after the induction. "Give them all 250 FedEx Cup points."

Not a bad idea. Suggs, Judy Rankin, Donna Caponi, Carol Mann, Nancy Lopez, Marlene Streit,...

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