Vikings Don't Need 2,500 From Peterson

Vikings Don't Need 2,500 From Peterson

Adrian Peterson isn't rushing for 2,500 yards this season. He's lost his mind. It isn't a realistic goal, even for Peterson, who must be a droid given how he defied modern medicine a year ago.

It's not that I don't believe in Peterson. I do. He's amazing. What he did this past season -- rushing for 2,097 yards so soon after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament -- was yet another example of how unique a player he is. If anyone has the talent and drive to obliterate the NFL single-season rushing record Eric Dickerson has held since 1984, it is Peterson.

But the Minnesota Vikings certainly don't want Peterson to rush for 2,500 yards, much less 2,000 yards. They don't want him to become the first player in NFL history to post two 2,000-yard seasons in a career, and they don't want him to become the seventh player to carry the ball 400 times in a season.

After last season, the Vikings want more balance on offense. They don't want to be a one-man show, even if that one man is Peterson. 

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