Sergio-Tiger Spat Spices Up Stormy Players

Sergio-Tiger Spat Spices Up Stormy Players

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – It took less than two holes for controversy to rear its head in the Tiger Woods-Sergio Garcia final twosome in The Players’ third round Saturday.


Garcia appeared to have the upper hand at No. 2 after hitting a nice drive onto the fairway. But he would make bogey to Woods’ scrambling birdie in part because he was distracted by the commotion around Woods in the left trees.


When Woods pulled a fairway wood out of his bag, nearby fans circled around him cheered loudly, clearly liking that he would try to get through a low opening under the trees with a go-for-broke style. Problem was, Garcia said the cheers came in the middle of his swing, which sent his ball far right into trees. His punched third shot failed to reach the green and he missed an 8-foot par putt.


Garcia wasn’t happy.


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