Bulls the Real Deal on Defense

Bulls the Real Deal on Defense

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Watching the Bulls-Heat series might make Dan Gilbert pine for two things.

One is within the Cavaliers' control. The other is LeBron James.

Hoping James will return after next season is understandable. It's probably even more than a schoolgirl fantasy. It also raises the prospect of a second public humiliation, this one presumably without a TV show and Jim Gray as the question-popping proxy on behalf of James' suitors.

The Cavs pursue that at their own risk. The surer thing is specific to the Chicago Bulls, who long ago moved past modern NBA fraternization with Miami and have now entered a period of open hostilities.

We keep hearing defense is the reason the Cavs hired Mike Brown again. Fine, I guess. But no Brown team ever played defense with the kind of attitude Tom Thibodeau has instilled in his undermanned Bulls in this series. They are ornery. Stupid ornery sometimes, but chippy enough to make hockey enforcers look like figure skaters.

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