Del Negro Sacrificed for Paul, Griffin?

Del Negro Sacrificed for Paul, Griffin?

Why mess with success when you have known only defeat previously?

The Clippers sold out 94 straight games with Vinny Del Negro as coach, won the franchise's first Pacific Division title and then decided to not bring back the winningest coach in Los Angeles Clippers history.

I called the Clippers, asked for PR, got transferred to a machine, and when I called back and asked for a live person, I got transferred to another machine. Four more times.

Maybe they fired the PR guys as well as the coach. They are the Clippers, after all.

I finally asked to speak to Andy Roeser, the guy who informed Del Negro he was history.

I got only dead air, so I knew it was his office.

That left Donald Sterling to clear up everything, and some of you think this job is easy.

Say what you want about Sterling; it's all true. But whenever I put a question to him he tries to provide an answer.

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