How to Marry Admiration to Practicality

How to Marry Admiration to Practicality

Robert Griffin III might be the most famous person in Washington D.C., more so than President Obama, who has yet to beat the Cowboys in December.

Which doesn't totally explain why Redskins fans took it upon themselves in recent weeks to buy Griffin and fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat every item off their Bed, Bath & Beyond wedding registry. The registry was first uncovered by The Knot earlier this month. Griffin himself didn't exploit his ample social media leverage—he has more than 911,000 followers on Twitter—to troll for butter dishes. (He's not Zach Braff, asking people on Kickstarter to help fund his movie, or former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who set up a Target registry for well-wishers looking to provide him with gifts for his post-governorship house.) Nor was there any sort of organized #letsgetRG3everythingonhisregistry online push.

This appears to be a simple case of people spontaneously buying kitchen supplies for an NFL quarterback with a $21 million contract because they happen to like him.

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