Irish Must Have Angered the Football Gods

Irish Must Have Angered the Football Gods


Notre Dame's aura is gone again. Just like that. It is amazing how every last thing has gone wrong for Notre Dame football dating back to, roughly, opening kickoff of the BCS title game.



Alabama knocked Notre Dame off its axis. But the myth they live by in South Bend, and believe in, is that Irish football is above the dirty fingernails of college football.


Do things the right way and God will be on Irish’s side.


Well, on Saturday night, Notre Dame lost its starting quarterback, Everett Golson, reportedly to an academic issue.


Golson wasn’t the star QB some people made him out to be. He was good, he was hope, he was potential. There was a chance he would develop this year into something special. But Tommy Rees, the senior who will likely start now, will be fine. A dropoff, but fine.


The bigger thing that is lost is Notre Dame’s mojo. Its righteousness.


Are the gods angry or something? It is a big deal when Notre Dame’s starting quarterback no longer is enrolled. It just is.

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