Stick to Basics for Football Playoff Panel

Stick to Basics for Football Playoff Panel

Anyone who has ever assembled a group of 20 people and attempted to settle anything understands that it's going to be an interesting week for college football.

It's why I hope the people responsible for introducing the four-team playoff system decide to keep the circle small.

Next week they'll meet, and among the topics they'd decide is just how large the selection committee for the inaugural football playoff should be. There's been talk about equal representation of conferences, and geography. There's been discussion about being hyper-inclusive, inviting as many as 20-plus members. But what matters most is getting those four teams right, and I have diminished faith that a group of 20 individuals can do that.

The NCAA basketball tournament selection committee is charged with managing a field of 68 teams. That panel consists of 10 athletic directors and conference commissioners. They serve five-year terms. And there's far less controversy in deciding which basketball team ends up as No. 69 vs. which college football team finishes No. 5 in the eyes of the playoff committee.

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