George Foreman Back in Boxing Game

George Foreman Back in Boxing Game

It's been George Foreman years since he won the heavyweight championship of the world from Joe Frazier in Kingston, Jamaica. Forty years since Howard Cosell's iconic call of "Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!"

Forty years is a long time. Long enough for a sport to pass a man by, even a man who kept his finger on the pulse for decades.

But Foreman, whose Foreman Boys Promotions makes its HBO debut on Saturday night with a featherweight title scrap between Puerto Rican sensation Juan Manuel Lopez and undefeated American Mikey Garcia, isn't concerned.

"Oh boy! They've got the same boxing gloves," Foreman told Bleacher Report. "Eight and 10-ounce gloves. And everyone who gets into that ring tries to knock the other guy's head off. There's nothing different about boxing."

What's different for Foreman this time around will be his role. No longer the main attraction, as he was for so many years as one of the boxing world's true national figures, Foreman will attempt to settle in behind the scenes. And he won't be doing it alone.

In addition to his partners at Arum's Top Rank, Foreman comes to the event at American Airlines Center in Dallas with an eponymous posse. Three of his five sons, all named George Foreman, will attempt to make their bones in the business that lifted their family out of poverty so many years ago.

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