Bielema's Tale: How a Badger Became a Hog

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

We should establish this up front: Plenty of the phrases that Arkansas Razorbacks football coach Bret Bielema uses — most of them, in fact — lack a single curse word. "Cut drill," for example. Also: "Grind it out," "Run some skelly," and "Let's give the kids a snack." All Bielema's, all clean, and all uttered while he's sitting in his new office, surrounded by his new staff in his new state.

But there's a problem with the rest of Bielema's cleaned-up sentences. On this morning, at least, they're almost impossible to understand. Bielema is auctioneering his way through a 9 a.m. meeting, packing so much jargon into so few breaths that unless you work for him, you can discern nothing about the strategies being tweaked or the plans ...

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