Danica Says Kyle's Comments Are Just Petty

Danica Says Kyle's Comments Are Just Petty

On Friday, Danica Patrick brushed off the comments made by former Sprint Cup driver and current FOX/SPEED commentator Kyle Petty with a laugh.



“It’s funny how he said I can qualify but can’t race,” said Patrick, who is preparing for Saturday night’s Sprint Cup race at Kentucky Speedway. “Those of you that actually watch what I do would know that I can’t qualify worth a crap, and in the race things go much better. So it’s a little bit funny, but the most important thing to me is that I can keep my team happy. We’re moving in the right direction. GoDaddy is happy.


“When you walk out into the garage or walk around the track and meet a little girl who wants to grow up to be like you, you’re doing something right.”

Petty offered his opinions during a three-part interview with Matt Clark on SPEED’s “Race Hub” this week.


After establishing his opinion that the driver of the No. 10 GoDaddy.com Chevy was “a marketing machine,” Petty was asked, “Where’s (Patrick) at as a driver?”

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