Double-Murder Probe May Provide Motive

Double-Murder Probe May Provide Motive

Michael Fee, the defense attorney for Aaron Hernandez, has called the murder case against the former New England Patriot "weak." This is what lawyers do, of course. Hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder and five weapons charges on Wednesday.

In actuality, much of what Bristol (Mass.) County prosecutors laid out in Hernandez's arraignment and subsequent appeal over the past couple of days was quite strong.

The state offered up enough evidence – and it may very well be sitting, for now, on more – that can put Hernandez in the company of the victim, Odin Lloyd, on the night of Lloyd's slaying, place Hernandez at the scene of the crime, link Hernandez to shell casings of a .45 gun and even show video, from Hernandez's own security system, of him brandishing a gun minutes after leaving the murder scene.

It can paint a pretty solid picture of both means and opportunity, two of the three basic bedrocks of a case -- although a conviction can be won without motive (there doesn't even have to be a motive).

Where Fee's "weak" assessment was correct, at least initially, was on the third part: motive.

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