Make NFL Teams Pay for Players' Crimes

Make NFL Teams Pay for Players' Crimes

It's time to wrench the train of discipline in a different direction. Who is, in fact, responsible for escorting a series of ticking time bombs into the NFL? The teams. From the owners through management down to the coaches. It's their turn to pay, for them to be sent a message.

Knowingly draft or sign a player that your own internal vetting process revealed to have serious legal or criminal problems, or questionable associations or untimely appearances in the wrong place at the wrong time? Sure, continue to suspend or fine that player.

But now the team that chose to look the other way, that erred on the side of the talent and upside — it should take a hit, too.

A fine of $2 million should get every team's attention. Levy it every time such a risky player with a documented history of violence is convicted or pleads to a violent crime, or one that involves guns or other weapons or alcohol.

Repeat offenders lose a draft pick. A high one, depending on the severity of the case.


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