Quit Trying to Assign Blame for Hernandez

Quit Trying to Assign Blame for Hernandez


Aaron Hernandez is not an indictment of Urban Meyer. He's not a stain on Bill Belichick. He's not a product of the SEC drug-testing policy.

What is Aaron Hernandez? A murderer, prosecutors in Massachusetts say. A fairly large idiot in the best of circumstances, possibly a killer who should never breathe free oxygen again. The legal system will decide which, but it won't be soon.


While the case grinds slowly toward trial, that gives us time -- too much time -- to decide what Aaron Hernandez is. But already in some corners he has moved on from Aaron Hernandez: tight end. He's not even Aaron Hernandez: accused murderer.


Now he's Aaron Hernandez: convenient example of (your agenda here). He's Aaron Hernandez: excuse to bash (your target here).


He's an excuse to bash Urban Meyer, whose tenure at Florida was full of players being arrested or failing drug tests or both. It happens at big-time football programs all over, but it seemed to happen more commonly at Meyer's Florida, which means it's open season for people who don't like Meyer -- and that's a lot of you, for whatever reason -- to link Hernandez's alleged crime to Meyer's alleged discipline.

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