Quit Trying to Assign Blame for Hernandez



Aaron Hernandez is not an indictment of Urban Meyer. He's not a stain on Bill Belichick. He's not a product of the SEC drug-testing policy.

What is Aaron Hernandez? A murderer, prosecutors in Massachusetts say. A fairly large idiot in the best of circumstances, possibly a killer who should never breathe free oxygen again. The legal system will decide which, but it won't be soon.


While the case grinds slowly toward trial, that gives us time -- too much time -- to decide what Aaron Hernandez is. But already in some corners he has moved on from Aaron Hernandez: tight end. He's not even Aaron Hernandez: accused murderer.


Now he's Aaron Hernandez: convenient example of (your agenda here). He's Aaron Hernandez: excuse to bash (your target...

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