Tougher Slam Victories? Slight Edge to Tennis


Whenever I bring the subject of Golf vs. Tennis up to people – which, they will say, is way too often – they usually say golf, and they usually give one of three reasons:

1. In golf, you have to beat everybody. In tennis, you only have to beat the player who pops up on the bracket. “In golf you have to beat a field of 150 players,” says Fox Sports’ Robert Lusetich, “in tennis, you only have to beat eight.”

2. In tennis, you have a lot more control over your game … and you have a direct effect on your opponent. Or as Jim Litke, national columnist for the Associated Press, said: “you can’t play defense in golf.”

3. Golf has deeper fields than tennis – more great players makes for a tougher challenge. “In tennis, my understanding, there are...

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