Conference Realignment: Who Won, Who Lost?

Conference Realignment: Who Won, Who Lost?

Welcome to July. While you’re enjoying all the trappings of American summertime – the pool, the grill, the incendiary devices passed off as patriotic props – college sports is realigning itself some more.

July 1 is when most of the latest conference shuffling becomes official. For example, the Atlantic Coast Conference officially adds Syracuse, Pittsburgh and all of Notre Dame except the part that matters most – football. The new Big East opens for business, if only just barely. And the American Athletic Conference staggers into the new frontier.

You’re forgiven if you’ve lost track of all the announced changes, especially as it trickled down from the big moves by big leagues in recent years to the mid-major and low-major conferences. The new geography will take some getting used to.

In an effort to help, here's a handy realignment reference manual, complete with winners and losers.

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