Manziel's Become a Spoiled Punk

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I don’t know where I jumped off the Johnny Football bandwagon, but I think it was somewhere between his parents trademarking his nickname and that national column that compared him to Oprah.


The ride was fun while it lasted, though. Before Johnny Manziel arrived in Aggieland, with ominous moving-to-the-SEC drums rumbling, the official Texas A&M team car may as well have been a hearse. Now, it seems, it’s a black Mercedes-Benz, paid for by his daddy, with new rims.


Ah, the rims. If you believe the latest story, Manziel needed money for the rims. So he allegedly broke one of the easiest NCAA rules to remember:


Thou shalt not sell your stuff.


And autographs are part of your stuff. Student-athletes can’t sell...

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