Buss Children Carry On in Father's Shadow


A pair of reading glasses sits atop the dresser in Jeanie Buss' bedroom. There's nothing remarkable about the frameless specs except for one detail: They sat on the nose of her father, Dr. Jerry Buss, whose smiling face forever will be identified with the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA franchise he owned for 34 years until his death in February at age 80. Under Dr. Buss, the Lakers' purple-and-gold colors became so synonymous with both winning and entertainment that it's hard to decide who resides in whose shadow, the team or the star-glutted city it calls home. "I wanted to keep something that was as close to him as possible," says Jeanie of her dad's glasses, discussing him publicly for the first time since his death from kidney failure after a battle with prostate cancer. "And they...

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