Love Manziel or Hate Him - Either Says a Lot

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On Saturday, Johnny Manziel pretended to sign an autograph on the field, celebrated his touchdown passes by doing the same money hand gesture that he did last year, and got a taunting penalty for trash talking after a touchdown pass. ESPN reacted like Manziel was the Unabomber.


I couldn't believe my eyes.


I mean, Tim freaking Tebow got a taunting penalty in the BCS title game, and I never heard anyone utter a word about that. All Tebow's penalty illustrated was the joyful way he played football. Tajh Boyd scored a rushing touchdown in ESPN/ABC's primetime game and made the same money hand gesture that Manziel did, and I didn't see it replayed anywhere. Nor did I hear anyone suggest that Boyd was a narcissist hell-bent on destroying his team's title...

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