Love Manziel or Hate Him - Either Says a Lot

Love Manziel or Hate Him - Either Says a Lot

On Saturday, Johnny Manziel pretended to sign an autograph on the field, celebrated his touchdown passes by doing the same money hand gesture that he did last year, and got a taunting penalty for trash talking after a touchdown pass. ESPN reacted like Manziel was the Unabomber.


I couldn't believe my eyes.


I mean, Tim freaking Tebow got a taunting penalty in the BCS title game, and I never heard anyone utter a word about that. All Tebow's penalty illustrated was the joyful way he played football. Tajh Boyd scored a rushing touchdown in ESPN/ABC's primetime game and made the same money hand gesture that Manziel did, and I didn't see it replayed anywhere. Nor did I hear anyone suggest that Boyd was a narcissist hell-bent on destroying his team's title chances.


As I thought about this Saturday night, it suddenly came to me: What you think about Johnny Manziel tells us more about you than it does about him.


That's because Manziel has become our own national Rorschach test. Is he an entitled brat who is playing the game in a classless manner, or is he an irreverent rebel whose brilliance owes much to his individuality? Your answer probably tells us a ton about you.


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