Djokovic Classic Sets Up Nadal Showdown

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It lasted 21 minutes. There were 12 deuces, five break points and seven game points. And it kept the crowd in a state of suspended belief for the duration.


At 1-1 in the fifth set of a superb semifinal encounter between the heavily favored and number one seed Novak Djokovic against the late-blooming 28-year-old Stan Wawrinka, the duo staged a tense, riveting and altogether unbelievable game. It was itself a self-contained novella housed within the weighty tome of this match.


Finally, on the 30th point of the game, Djokovic netted a forehand and just like that it appeared to nearly all in attendance that Wawrinka would go on and record the extraordinary upset. The momentum, it seemed to all, was clearly on his side.


But then something...

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