Tebow to Russia for $1M?

Tebow to Russia for $1M?

The life of Tim Tebow has always seemed perfect for a Hollywood blockbuster.

He has overcome every setback in his path - the homeschooled kid who became a high-school quarterback, won the Heisman Trophy and became a sensation in the NFL despite his curious, rather slow throwing motion.

Now Tebow is in the penultimate act of this movie script. Left stranded as a free agent, now is the moment either for a dramatic reversal of fortune, another challenge overcome in style as he storms back into the NFL, or for the movie to take on the dispiriting air of Mickey Rourke’s performance in “The Wrestler.”

Tebow’s insistence, made clear on Twitter, that he wants to be nothing but an “NFL quarterback” has reportedly led him to turn down offers to switch position, but he could now be off to new frontiers entirely.

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