Why Is It News That Pelini Swears?

Why Is It News That Pelini Swears?

Breaking news: Bo Pelini is intense and cusses. Wow, earmuffs kids. Hide the chronically prude.


It doesn't really matter what was reported as a two-year old profanity-laced recording from the Nebraska coach came from Deadspin. You can listen to it here. (Warning: NSFW language).


If it wasn't them, it would be someone else trolling. The world is trending more and more toward TMZ anyway. I blame us. We, as a people, love prurient anyway.


It's nothing Pelini's players -- or relatives -- haven't heard.


For the love of Ed Bassmaster, gimme some real news. Get me some tape of Beyonce MFing that fan who attacked her.


This Pelini thing? Meh. What I don't understand is that anyone is surprised. When it comes to coaching passion, Bo Pelini is Bob Stoops is Mark Mangino. That doesn't make them the best black-tie dinner guests, it does make them hard-nosed guys out of Youngstown, Ohio, who don't take any BS.

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