NBA Needs to Find a Job for Jason Collins

NBA Needs to Find a Job for Jason Collins

As teams prepare for the opening of training camp next month, time is running out on Jason Collins' chance to become the NBA's first openly gay active player.

If this historic milestone is bypassed, there will be no accountability, no villains, just an opportunity shamefully missed.

In May, Collins graced the cover of Sports Illustrated as the first openly gay male player in the four major professional U.S. sports. It was widely assumed he'd land somewhere as an unrestricted free agent to continue his career.

Four months later, the wait drags on. The league faces unflattering introspection and a public-relations disaster if Collins goes unsigned. The gay community will not hide its extreme disappointment. The first step in a highly significant movement will be throttled before takeoff. And the worst of it is, we won't know exactly why.

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