There's More to Tigers Than Just Miggy

There's More to Tigers Than Just Miggy

And now Miguel Cabrera can rest for a few days.


Not that it’s really going to matter when the American League Division Series begins in seven days.


Obviously, the Tigers prefer to have Cabrera as healthy as possible. But does anybody believe that Oakland manager Bob Melvin or Boston’s John Farrell will provide Cabrera with the opportunity to hurt them with a single swing, regardless of his physical state?


Cabrera could come to the plate with a bat in one hand and a crutch in the other and there would still be a moment’s pause in the opposing dugout regarding pitching strategy. Whether Cabrera is 100% or 50%, opposing managers will take the bat out of his hands.


It’s the one approach that makes the most sense considering how one mistake, one blown gamble can prove costly in October if it blows up in a manager’s face. Melvin or Farrell could more easily explain Prince Fielder or Victor Martinez delivering a fatal blow than he could explain why he gave the probable back-to-back AL MVP any chance — even with Cabrera’s temperamental abdominal region.

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