Rivers, Paul Search for Bliss - and Titles

Rivers, Paul Search for Bliss - and Titles

Marriages aren't easy in this town. They begin with good intentions, the picture of bliss, until they eventually crumble and collapse from the weight of steep and unrealistic expectations. It's hard to keep it together when both sides want perfection but can't quite find the formula to make that happen.

What, then, are we to make of the latest Hollywood happy couple, Doc Rivers and Chris Paul? Will this one be any different?

Never before, at least in Clippers history, has a franchise player and coach seemed made for each other like this. Paul is the point guard with gargantuan talent who only comes up short in size and championships. Rivers is a popular "players-coach" with a knack for bonding with Hall of Famers and somehow curbing their Hall of Fame egos. Both the player and coach are freshly escaped from relationships gone sour, Paul with former coach Vinny Del Negro and Rivers with the decaying Celtics. As training camp opened officially Monday, each wore the glowing expression of relief and optimism, the kind you associate with people who sense they just found their soulmate.

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