Jadevon Isn't the Clown(ey) at South Carolina

The Associated Press

Steve Spurrier did this to Jadeveon Clowney, and I don't mean he did some of this -- he did all of it. Yes, it was Jadeveon Clowney who decided he was too hurt to play Saturday against Kentucky, but that's not where it went wrong. That's not the reason Clowney has gone from South Carolina's freakish, helmet-popping superhero to its selfish, team-abandoning jerk.


Steve Spurrier is where it went wrong.


Spurrier, the South Carolina coach, is the reason.


It's Spurrier's fault that Clowney's passion for football has become a prominent storyline this week -- and though Spurrier tried halfheartedly to fix it, he can't stop what he started. Nor can Clowney. The Gamecocks play Arkansas on Saturday, and if Clowney plays and plays...

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