Long View: Shorten College Games

Long View: Shorten College Games

College football games are too (choose adjective here) long. I don’t say this as a frustrated writer watching those minutes tick away toward deadline, although that fairly explains the position of any scribe at the Baylor-Texas Tech game Saturday night.

I say that as a matter of safety. Games that are growing in length even as the speed of the contests increase can’t be healthy for anyone, least of all the 300-pound offensive linemen who rarely take plays off.

Yes, there were a lot of plays at AT&T Stadium Saturday night – 176 (88 each for Tech and Baylor) in a game that eclipsed the four-hour mark. And, yes, to some degree that game is an aberration. But if you think the future of the college game is anything other than spread offenses running no-huddle attacks, you aren’t watching what’s happening around the country.

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