Finger Gone, Johnson Still the Lucky One

Finger Gone, Johnson Still the Lucky One

The grossest part of the Rashad Johnson story was when, well ... jeez. You know what the grossest part was. It was the tweet that revolted 'round the world. Johnson is the safety for the Arizona Cardinals who removed the glove from his left hand after the Cardinals' loss to the Saints on Sept. 22 and discovered part of his finger was missing.


Naturally, Johnson grabbed his cell phone and took a picture.


And put it on Twitter.


People gagged. This is why God created the Internet, and Johnson's missing finger became the amputation that launched a thousand blog posts. The one here at advised readers to "stop scrolling right now if you're weak in the stomach."

Because it was the grossest part of the Rashad Johnson story. That picture. OK, those pictures, plural. Johnson posted three, and those pictures went viral because that's what we do on the Internet. We look at the terrible things that happen to other people and then, after we're done looking, we go on with our lives.


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