AJ McCarron Has Earned Heisman Respect

AJ McCarron Has Earned Heisman Respect

You might have to change. I might have to change. We’re a fast-twitch culture now, a Twitter-culture, a highlight-culture, a sound-bite culture. Information, opinions and decisions all like fast food.

And AJ McCarron’s greatness takes a little time to grasp, appreciate, accept. Are we taking the time? Because Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel won the past two Heisman trophies, and more and more this award has been reduced to which quarterback wows most on highlight shows.

It needs to be more. The Heisman isn’t an ESPY.

McCarron should win this year’s Heisman. I’ve come around. I’ve changed. He’s the best quarterback who never loses a game. He doesn’t cause trouble off the field. He doesn’t make mistakes on it.

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