Contest Winners Live 15 Minutes of Fame

Issac Baldizon/NBAE/Getty Images

We see the viral YouTube clips and highlights on SportsCenter: A fan, plucked from the stands, makes a miracle half-court shot, a long field goal, or puts a hockey puck into an impossibly small hole. We love those moments because of the sheer difficulty. The reactions of the winners. The unbridled joy. Because we know that maybe one day it could be us who wins a car or money or tuition for a semester.

But every big win has its own story, one that stretches far beyond what we see in those clips. Who were those people before they made the shot and what became of them after? Were the prizes they won life-altering or did they have minimal impact? We also assume that every miracle make was pure luck, but sometimes there was more to it than that. reached out to...

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