Chambers Bay May Be a Game Changer

Chambers Bay May Be a Game Changer

UNIVERSITY PLACE — A startling transition has taken place this week at Chambers Bay.

A course that golfers seemed ready, almost eager, to trash gradually has won them over. Instead of whining about what Chambers Bay isn’t — a traditional U.S. Open setup of narrow fairways, thick rough and small, firm greens — they’ve become entranced by its quirky charms.

I’ve listened to golfers extol the virtues of Chambers Bay this week in a tone that can only be described as affectionate. That differs radically from the sniping and complaints leaking out in the leadup to the tournament — often from people who hadn’t actually seen the course, or had only a brief exposure.

Turns out this is a course that grows on you, and just in the nick of time.

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