Heat Should Keep The Pick And Draft Beasley

By Robbie Gillies

Where did this debate even come from? For months the debate had been Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley with many feeling Beasley is definitely more talented. Everyone seems to think the Bulls will draft Derrick Rose number one overall, leaving the Heat a chance to pick possibly the most talented player in the Draft and they’re looking to trade? I understand listening to offers and keeping your options open, but when it comes down to it, the Heat will regret it if they don’t pick Beasley.

Are the Heat forgetting that Beasley was the most dominant player in college last season? Beasley was third in scoring (26.5 ppg) and first in rebounding (12.5 rpg). He had 28 double-doubles on the year, shot nearly 54% from the field and a shade under 40% from 3-point range. He has the complete game, but still has room to grow.

Refuting The Reasons Why The Heat Wouldn’t Pick Beasley

He’s Immature

There have been no recent signs that he can’t handle the pressure and stay out of trouble. He bounced around to six different High Schools and had a few disciplinary issues but he was never arrested and has had no problems since. When asked about his maturity level, Beasley said, “How mature do you want me to be? I’m 19 years old.” How can you not like this kid? He could’ve pulled a typical company line and said something like, “I’ve handled all the pressure’s so far and I’m ready to lead a franchise.” But he didn’t. He’s always honest and isn’t that one of the biggest signs of maturity? And about his supposed attitude problems Beasley responds, “[The Bulls] asked if I was crazy. I left that one unanswered.". And a sense of humor too.

He’s Too Small
He was listed at 6’10 in college, 6’8 in Orlando, and was recently measured at 6’7 without shoes. All I have to say to that is Charles Barkley. All Beasley has to say is, "It's a little disappointing to me that I found out I'm actually a midget."

They Need A Point Guard
This is not the NFL. You don’t draft based on need. You draft based on best available. The Heat do need a point guard, but when a team wins less than 20% of their games the previous season (15-67), a point guard is not the only thing they need.
Beasley is a dominant player that has a strong inside game and an increasingly consistent mid and deep-range game. He is the most talented player in the Draft and talent is exactly what the Heat need. This is a no-brainer. Keep the pick and draft Michael Beasley.

The Heat Must Develop Depth by Jeff Briggs

Robbie Gillies is an Editor for RealClearSports.

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