RCS Report Card on the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is finally over, meaning there is only one draft-related activity left before Mel Kiper is frozen and put back in his chamber for the next 11 months: giving draft grades to every team.

People love to immediately grade the NFL Draft, but do all the experts agree on who had a good weekend, and who drafted as though Al Davis was in charge? Of course not.

At RCS, we took a look at seven different sets of NFL Draft grades, and averaged them to determine which team really came out on top (of course, this is all based on speculation, and we won’t have definite answers until a few seasons from now).

The RCS NFL Draft Grade Averages were calculated like a standard GPA (4.0 points for an A, 3.7 for a A-, 3.3 for B+, 3.0 for a B, 2.7 for B-, etc). If a team flunked it, in the eyes of the experts, then it received a 0.

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Reviewing the averages, it's obvious that the Raiders received by far the worst grade, 0.63, which amounts to an average of slightly lower than a D-, in other words, an F.

The clear winner of the draft was the Eagles, who received the only A+ (from Pete Prisco at CBS), and an average that is roughly equivalent to a B+ overall and just missing an A-.

Also, clear is the fact, in most cases, that the "experts" really don't agree on who drafted well and who drafted poorly. Grades were all over the place: the Steelers received a B+ as well as an F; the Chiefs were given both an A- and a D.

Take a look at the Grade Averages, see how your team was graded, and then focus on the new season. Of course, if you’re a Raiders fan, you can go ahead and skip this year, and hope for better things in 2010.

NFL Draft Team Grade Averages

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