Flyover: Buffalo Bills Want to Redo Week 1

Welcome to week two of the NFL season, or what’s known in Buffalo as “week one, the redo.” 

Before we get to this week’s slate of games -- and tell you which games will Probably be worth watching, which games will be of Questionable worth, which games will be of Doubtful worth, and which game will feature the Browns - let’s address the matter of Thursday night games.

So, has the novelty of these Thursday night games worn off already? It’s only week two and my liver is already suffering the ravages of this new NFL schedule. If they’re going to play games three days a week, why not just go all in and play seven days a week? 

With 32 NFL teams, the league has to play 16 games a week (please check my math). How difficult would it to set up a staggered schedule that features two games per week night (one game at 7 p.m. ET, one at 10 p.m. ET) and features three games each on Saturday and Sunday? Say, one game at 1 p.m., another at 4 p.m., and the last at 7 p.m.? This way we get to see ALL the games, and not just a select few. I can’t believe bar owners and divorce attorneys haven’t been pushing this. They need to organize their lobbies.


Weekly Best

Welcome to the Weekly Best, where we tackle some of the best in football. 

Best use of four timeouts: The Lions.

Best seen coming out of the woodwork: Redskins fans. 

Best of luck to Packers defensive backs: Says Jay Cutler.

Best evidence that you could be a long-snapper: Travis Goethel.

Best be sure: Wait, Antonio Gates did not get injured last week?

Best way to neutralize LeSean McCoy: Call 56-plus pass plays for Michael Vick.

Best chance to go undefeated: Between the Packers and Cardinals, it’s the Cardinals.

Best thing you can say about Ryan Fitzpatrick’s performance against the Jets: He never got sacked.

Best reason for that: He was too busy throwing incompletions and interceptions.


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