Samuel Chi - September 15, 2014

Tired of reading the same viewpoints over and over again? Me too.

The mainstream media landscape is now dominated by a one-track mind. Groupthink is the name of the game. If you dare to challenge the narrative shaped by politically-correct beliefs, you risk public humiliation, suspension or dismissal from your job. ESPN this year alone benched a veritable all-star lineup of Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, Dan Le Betard - just to name three - for various loose and impolitic talk.

At The Worldwide Leader, and mostly elsewhere, the marketplace of idea is now closed, replaced by a single-line cafeteria serving gruel - and you're told to like it or keep your mouth shut.

There is arguably more censorship in sports media than at anytime in its history, and likely more censorship than even in political media, where opposing views are still somewhat tolerated. Looking at most sports web sites, you will find more fascinating analysis of the issue at hand in the reader comment section than in the article directly above it.

So it's high time for one of us to stand athwart the Toy Department, yelling stop!

From now on, we at RealClearSports will offer you unfiltered and uncensored views on events that go on in the world of sports, whether it's pertaining to crime and punishment, race relations or just fun and games. You'll find us discussing issues honestly and rationally. Nothing is off limits and no one will be punished for not toeing the company line. We'll be here every week, or more often.

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