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From The Observation Deck: Rockets vs. Lakers

by Robbie Gillies

I figured I had to fill everyone in on what I saw last night because I’d imagine half the audience were blinded when they saw Craig Sager’s bright yellow blazer…

Yao Ming will be taking on a new role this year under new head coach Rick Adelman. Ming will be splitting time in the post and at the top of the key as a distributor. Ming looked fairly comfortable in this new role- the highlight being a quick pass down low to T-Mac for the slam. Ming had 25 points, 12 boards, and 3 assists.

There was so much talk this off-season about old players returning to action. Well, Dikembe Mutombo has never left and at 41 he’s still a strong defensive force to give Yao Ming a blow.

Kwame Brown looks to be in great shape. Unfortunately, athleticism won’t help turn his bricks into hands. Also, why does Kwame inexplicably end up guarding a point guard at the 3-point line at least 3 times a game?

Derek Fisher is a great addition to the Lakers. He can hit from the outside and can penetrate and dish (unlike Kobe). He’s a great hustle player and a good defender for his size.

Speaking of hustle, Ronny Turiaf hustles all over the place. He has got to have the biggest heart of anybody in the NBA. Can the doctors who performed his open-heart surgery confirm that?