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Mike Cameron Will Get Drunk, Then Take You Deep

by Ryan Hudson

Often, professional athletes are placed on a pedestal. We tend to think of them as better than us “common folk.” But, they’re still just regular people. For example, Mike Cameron and I have both played baseball before. Granted, he better than I (being scared of the ball will greatly limit your future in baseball), but still – we’ve both caught a pop fly before.

And, with him being a professional athlete and I having gone to college, chances are we’ve both been drunk before. Never together, mind you, but at one time or another, we have both bent the elbow a bit too much.

And playing baseball while drunk? Well, that’s where the similarities end…because I have never done that one. Mike Cameron can’t say the same, according to a recently released book, “Andy Roddick Beat Me With a Frying Pan,” by Todd Gallagher:

It's not as common as greenies, but big leaguers have been known to step on the field liquored up. ... Almost every current major leaguer I spoke to knew of players who had stepped on the field under the influence. When asked what the signs were, the players typically responded the way Giant Ryan Klesko and Padre Jake Peavy did: 'I just knew.' Interestingly, another Padre, center fielder Mike Cameron, had a more intimate experience with game-day tipsiness:

"Sh-t, I've played drunk."


"New York City."

What were the circumstances?

"I went four for four with two jacks and eight ribbies. I'm not saying that's the only day I played drunk, but that was the best one."

Cameron went 4-for-4 with two homers while drunk? David Wells pitched a no-hitter while hung-over?

Booze is so the new HGH next season.