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Patriots & Colts Game Can’t Disappoint

by Robbie Gillies

I’ve heard some people saying they really hope the Pats/Colts game isn’t disappointing. I think it’s impossible for it to be disappointing. No matter what happens it will be an exciting game that will provide for great story angles.

Look at the possible scenarios:
Patriots blow out the Colts
-Tom Brady shows he is better than Manning
-Patriots best team of all-time?
-Can Patriots go undefeated?
-Will Belichick’s running up the score haunt him when these two team re-match in the playoffs?

Colts blow out the Patriots
-The defending Super Bowl Champs are the team to beat.
-Everyone overlooked the Colts, but maybe they are the best team of all-time.
-Bob Sanders is the heart and soul of the Colts team and they can’t lose with him in the lineup.

Patriots win close game
-Patriots get scare, but are now battle-tested to go undefeated.

Colts win close game
-Manning leads Colts to victory OR Colts defense able to shut down Brady.

No matter what happens this will be a great game to watch and analyze…to death.