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Pay Homage to Gamblor

by Jeff Briggs
“ The only monster here is the gambling monster that has enslaved your mother! I call him Gamblor, and it's time to snatch your mother from his neon claws!” --Homer Simpson

So, each week I’m going to make my picks on all the NFL action and maybe a college football game or two. It’s up to you if you turn this fantastic prognostication into gold and candy. So, lets see what happens with this first week of picks. The problem with this week is that I don’t like many home teams, which is usually a bad thing, because they tend to win more than they lose. Lets hope this week is the exception, home team in caps.

Redskins (-3.5) over JETS
The Jets are starting rookie QB, Kellen Clemens, and they are likely without Lav Coles. The Skins meanwhile are looking to rebound after the pounding they took last week. I like the Skins to win a low scoring and relatively boring game.

CHIEFS (-1.5) over Packers
I really don’t think either of these teams are as good as their records indicate. I just don’t see any way that the Packers can improve to 7-1. I know Favre has been having a great season, but one of these games he’s due for a classic 4 int performance, plus Arrowhead has always been a tough place to win.

SAINTS (-3.5) over Jags
The Saints may have found their offense, or they may have just gotten lucky by playing a few bad teams in a row. Either way I don’t think Quinn Gray is the answer for the Jags. Maybe its that his name is the mix of an old western medical doctor and an English tea, doesn’t sound like a football player.

Broncos (+3.5) over LIONS
The Lions are a huge fraud. Somehow only the Eagles and Redskins have been able to expose them. I don’t expect Champ Bailey and Dre Bly to get burned on big plays two straight weeks and the Lions can’t run the ball, so the Broncos should be able to take care of business on the road.

Seahawks (+1.5) over BROWNS
Charlie Fyre is on the sideline for the Seahawks. Will his knowledge of the Browns playbook and offensive system be able to help the ‘hawks who traditionally struggle on the road? I say yes.

Patriots (-6) over COLTS
I don’t know if you heard about it or not, but both these teams are undefeated. The Patriots have easily covered the spread in every game they’ve played this year. While I would love for the forces of good to rout the hosts of chaos, I don’t think Indy is as good as the Pats. I’ll take the Pats to win, and then Belichick to burn down a school as a celebration.

The other games:
Cardinals (+3.5) over BUCS
TITANS (-4) over Panthers
FALCONS (-3.5) over 49ers
Bengals (-1.5) over BILLS
Chargers (-7.5) over VIKINGS
Texans (+3) over RAIDERS
Cowboys (-3.5) over EAGLES
STEELERS (-9) over Ravens

Other gambling tips: The Pats, Chargers, and Steelers with a 6 point teaser seems like an easy win. In college football the over/under for the Navy @ Notre Dame game is set at 57 points. I know Navy scores, and gives up points, but 57 points in a Notre Dame game! Notre Dame couldn’t score 30 if they were playing against the retirement home all-stars. Take the under and be happy.