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Pay Homage to Gamblor - Week 11

by Jeff Briggs
“ The only monster here is the gambling monster that has enslaved your mother! I call him Gamblor, and it's time to snatch your mother from his neon claws!” --Homer Simpson

Last week: 7-7, Season: 13-15. I did hit my lock game and get my college game right, so at least I've got that going for me.

COLTS (-14.5) over Chiefs
It's the injury bowl! And I think Peyton Manning is at least 15 points better than Brody Croyle.

Raiders (+5.5) over VIKINGS
With Peterson out of the line up this week, this game has about as much firepower as the Swiss Army. I think I'd need to be on speed to not fall asleep trying to watch it.

BENGALS (-3) over Cardinals
Chris Henry is back! How many weeks until he throws beer bottles at a group of school children while smoking pot? Well, until he does, he's probably good for 70+ yards a game.

Dolphins (+10) over EAGLES
The Miami Dolphins are bad. But the Eagles are 1-3 at home and haven't won back-to-back games all season. I'm not saying I think the Dolphins will get there first win of the season here, but I'm saying I wouldn't be too surprised if it did happen.

Patriots (-16) over BILLS
Thank God they moved this game to Sunday night! I haven't seen enough media coverage of the Patriots this season, I hear they are pretty decent. On the plus side, Bills fans will quickly realize that all this, "we're in the playoff hunt" talk was completely unnecessary and will go back to complaining about the Music City Miracle.

Redskins (+10.5) over COWBOYS
The Redskins can run the ball on the Cowboys. Despite the injuries and worse record, the Skins always have a chance against the Cowboys, they should be able to keep it close.

Saints (even) over TEXANS
Andre Johnson is back for the Texans, but they'll need more than one good player to win a football game. The Saints should rebound from last week's loss on their way to an eventual NFC South crown.

LIONS (+3) over Giants
The winner of this game has a huge step up in the NFC wildcard race. The Giants are probably due for their typical second half collapse, and I've said it every week, the Detroit Lions are not a good football team. Yet, somehow, one of these teams will be 7-3 and they both might end up in the playoffs. I think the children of the Patriots players could beat any NFC team, it's that bad.

Rams (-2.5) over 49ERS
It's crazy, the Rams have only won one game and are now favored on the road. Even crazier is that I think its a good bet. A good enough bet to bring out my giant shoe and/or lock.

SEAHAWKS (-5) over Bears
A bad team vs. an even worse team. Wait, this was the NFC Championship last year? The 'hawks tend to be good at home, so they should pull this one off without much of a problem.

Titans (+2.5) over BRONCOS
Steelers (-9) over JETS
PACKERS (-9.5) over Panthers
Browns (-3) over RAVENS
FALCONS (+3) over Bucs
JAGS (-3) over Chargers

There is a lot to like in college football this week. I like WVU (-6) at Cincy. I don't see WVU not being able to run up and down the field at will. I like Hawaii (-6) at Nevada Reno, the over under in that game is a whopping 79 by the way, and it could go on either side of that. And in the big game I like Michigan (+4) at home against OSU. Michigan is the more talented team, its just a matter of playing like it.