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RCS Tackles: I Now Pronounce You WNBA & Dennis Rodman

by Robbie Gillies

Robbie: Recently, there's been a rumor going around that Dennis Rodman is interested in becoming a coach in the WNBA. Think there's any truth to this?

Ryan: Well, according to AOL Fanhouse there is.

Robbie: What do you think he could bring to the WNBA?

Ryan: The number one thing he could bring is press. There would be a media circus surrounding him that would bring exposure to the WNBA.

Robbie: I was thinking he’d bring a sense of style…He could offer fashion advice, as well as tips with applying nail polish and hair dye.

Rodman or that guy from Juwanna Mann?

Ryan: You mean Miguel A. Núñez Jr.


Robbie: Wow, that’s scary that you know that.

Ryan: Well, I was surprised he didn’t win an Oscar. Or at least a Golden Globe.

Robbie: Do you think Rodman’s presence would put the WNBA’s integrity at stake?

Ryan: Integrity? Let’s be honest if this league wasn't financially backed by the NBA, it would have folded by now. And now they want to expand?

Robbie: Diluting that talent even further? If Rodman became a coach I could name two WNBA coaches, but not one WNBA player. Does Amanda Beard play basketball?

Ryan: Diana Taurasi does...I assume the only other coach you could name is Bill Laimbeer?

Robbie: Yep. If this guy can do it


and win 2 WNBA Championships, why can’t Rodman?

Ryan: You mean this guy?


Apparently Rodman wants to coach in Atlanta.

Robbie: Do you think he just wants to get into a Jermaine Dupri remix?

Ryan: Most likely. If he’s really trying to get into coaching, then women’s basketball probably makes sense. I don’t see any possible problems with it.

Robbie: Well, I had mentioned earlier that I thought David Stern should’ve punished Isiah Thomas by forcing him to coach the New York Liberty. If that happened and Rodman joined, the entire Bad Boy Crew would be coaching the WNBA. Now if we could only get the Nasty Boys to coach…


Ryan: The No.1 argument WNBA supporters use is that their play is all fundamentals. He might as well work on some back door cuts and bounce passes before he coaches men.

Robbie: But he could teach them this...


So, you don't think Rodman knew the fundamentals of basketball?

Ryan: I think he does. I mean, he had to get all those rebounds. But that doesn't mean he can coach them.

Robbie: They probably can shoot better than him. Or at least that's what I hear about WNBA players.

Ryan: "The WNBA! Jump shots! Screens! Teamwork! Catch the excitement!"
Hmm...apparently Bill Simmons took over my keyboard for a minute there.

Robbie: So, bottom line: Rodman good for the WNBA?

Ryan: Yes, based simply on the idea that even bad publicity is good publicity.

Robbie: OK, good for the WNBA, but good for the team he coaches?

Ryan: I think that is too tough to determine right now. He has no experience, so, that’s a strike against him But, what if hes actually a good coach? Worst case scenario; he's not a good coach who brings the WNBA, and the new Atlanta team, some much-needed attention.

Robbie: Think he's in it just for the money??

Ryan: Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Robbie: Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Ryan: Money? In the WNBA?