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While Vikings Laugh at Jokes, Koy Detmer Laughs All the Way to the Bank

by Robbie Gillies

In the 4th quarter of the Packers drubbing of the Vikings, some Vikings were seen joking and laughing and even sprinting 20 yards in reaction to a joke. If only they could have better utilized some of those sprints to slow down Ryan Grant and the Packers. Regardless, the only Viking that should have been laughing was Koy Detmer.

Not Quite Laughing In This Picture

Detmer, now a former Viking, was on the practice squad for three days before the Vikings realized Tarvaris Jackson would be healthy enough to be a backup. Detmer earned $90,000 for three days on the practice squad. He earned $42,000 for the minimum one week of work and another $48,000 in severance pay. Jeff George must be so jealous.