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Baseball Cannot Come Soon Enough

by Ryan Hudson

It was briefly mentioned earlier today in the PM Line, but it warrants more discussion: today, the Washington Nationals traded for Elijah Dukes. For those who are new to sports blogopolis (at least I didn't say "blogosphere"?), a quick history of Mr. Dukes:

"Dukes' wife, NiShea Gilbert, 26, a teacher at Beth Shields Middle School in Ruskin, told the court in another filing Thursday that her husband threatened to kill her and sent a photo of a handgun to her cell phone. She played the St. Petersburg Times a voice mail message she said was from Dukes:

'You dead, dawg,' says an angry voice. 'I ain't even bulls-------. Your kids, too.'"

What a gentleman.

Well, with today's trade, Dukes is now teamed with Dimitri Young and Lastings Milledge, as UmpBump perfectly summed up today:

"Jim Bowden, you are a maverick. You have assembled the most fruit loops crazy roster in professional sports. If you consider yourself in any way, shape or form a baseball fan, you have to be excited about the 2008 Nationals."

And if you're wondering if Elijah Dukes has turned it around and cleaned up his act...he was ejected from a game in the Dominican Republic on Saturday.

(UPDATE: Obviously, this wouldn't be complete without The Dugout weighing in.)