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Rich Eisen Still Better Than Chris Berman

by Ryan Hudson

As a young and aspiring sport-blogger, I've long awaited the first time I can use the "poop" tag in a post. I'm glad that day is finally here.

During last night's "NFL Gameday" on the NFL Network, host Rich Eisen provided further proof that they have the best highlight show on TV.

While narrating the Steelers-Patriots highlights, host Rich Eisen described the touchdown pass to Najeh Davenport as such:

"...and then Roethlisberger dumps one to Davenport for the score..."

Seemingly innocent...until you remember that Davenport once defecated in a women's hamper:

"A woman sleeping in the room, Mary McCarthy, told police she was startled by a strange sound and saw Davenport squatting in her closet. Davenport then allegedly defecated in a laundry basket, McCarthy told detectives."

Well played, Rich Eisen. Well played.