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AFC Championship Running Diary, Part II

by Ryan Hudson

Check out Part I of this epic adventure here. On to Part II, the second half.

Dave: A quick recap:


Dollar Watch: Dave 1, Jeff -1.


Manning Commercial Count: 1.

Jeff: I guess my prediction of 12 was a little too high.
Dave: He could never perform well in the post season.

Ryan: So, whats been the talk here?
Ryan: Why isn't LT playing? Too scared perhaps?
Dave: Most likely.
Jeff: Maybe just a strong coaching move by Norv.
Ryan: Seems like an odd time to make a stand as a coach...
Dave: Coach Cowher is calling for Volek
Ryan: Yep. I agree with him. Rivers is not playing well...
Jeff: I say Rivers just needs to get in more fights with fans.
Ryan: I was surprised he didn't get into with fans during that walk to locker room.

Dave: Did JB just call a thermometer a thermostat?
Ryan: Prediction: Pats open the 2nd half in the no-huddle.
Jeff: I think they will score on the opening drive of the half
Dave: Put a dollar on that claim Jeff?
Jeff: Sure.

Ryan: What are your thoughts on the new Survivor?
Jeff: There are too many Survivors now. This will be the 16th season
Ryan: I'm upset because they SAY its your all-time Survivor favorites....but I don't think Mike is on it. Who will kill a pig and then fall into a fire?
Dave: Season 2 was the best, Colby and Tina.
Ryan: Season 2 was also Mike and Elizabeth, right?
Jeff: Yes, season 2, Australian outback was the best.
Dave: Elizabeth, Jerri and Amber. All hot.
Jeff: And lets be honest --that is really the way to judge how good a season of Survivor is...

Ryan: So, big question from the first half: Are the Chargers over-performing or are the Pats under-performing?
Dave: I don't think either of those are true.
Ryan: Really? The chargers are not playing very well, but are still in it.
Dave: The game has been not great. Kinda ugly. I think the Pats are playing fine.
Ryan: They have punted more than usual. And Brady threw an INT. And no Moss yet...
Jeff: Has Cromartie been shutting him down?
3rd-12, 50 12:32 D. Florence intercepted T. Brady for 7 yards
Ryan: Crap.
Jeff: And there we go.

Dave: With that INT, the Dollar Watch needs to be updated:


DOLLAR WATCH: Dave 2, Jeff -2.

Jeff: San Diego is in the redzone. So most likely they will not move the ball anymore.
Ryan: That seems to be their strategy. Seems odd to me.
Jeff: Bold move by Norv: Trying to win without TD's.
Ryan: Indeed.
Jeff: 14-12. Three times inside the 10, and just nine points to show for it.

Jeff: It seems like after the Chargers kick a FG, the Pats come back and get a TD. Not a great trade-off for San Diego.

Jeff: It's good to see that commercials for the Masters have already started in mid January.

(Ed. note: I think this is about the time that I left to watch the game and eat Outback and Dave seemingly just disappeared. So Jeff, it's all you buddy.)

(2nd Ed. note: Yes, Dave lost his internet connection here and I was left alone without a chance to win back my dollars. A few comments as the game wraps up.)

OOH. 3rd & goal and the Chargers come up with a pick from Cromartie.
Of course he decided to run it out of the end zone to the three-yard line...I don't know why every defensive back refuses to take the touchback.

It seems like the Chargers are starting to feel the effect of not playing LT.

Ryan, if you are here. What was the last time Brady threw three INT's in a game?
(Ed. note: Oddly enough, Brady threw three picks against San Diego in the playoffs last season, a 24-21 Patriots' win.)

Maroney is taking the Patriots down the field pretty much by himself.




TD Wes Welker. 21-12, New England, with 12:15 left in the 4th quarter.

Wes Welker: The favorite player of tons of lower middle-class, white New Englanders.

The Chargers fail to get any points on the board and they are running out of time.

Kevin Faulk makes a great catch to keep the drive alive on 3rd down, the clock continues to run, and this game is close to over with six minutes left.

Another first down for Faulk and the Pats.

Two-minute warning, ball on the 25. The only question now is will the Patriots cover the spread? Right now, its 21-12 Patriots, the spread is 13.5 or 14 (depending where you look). Will they get a meaningless TD before the game is over? Its the only interesting thing left in the game.

No timeouts for the Chargers.

The Pats are kneeling formation and this game is over.

Patriots are going to the Superbowl, are 18-0, and didn't cover the spread yet again.