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AM Line: Clemens - The New Nixon!

by Robbie Gillies

Pat Riley is leaning towards giving up coaching and just concentrating on being team President. So, as President does he fire himself as coach? (Sun Sentinel)

Reggie Bush you got some explaining to do. Don Yaeger's new book "Tarnished Heisman" claims Bush received $47,000 directly of the nearly $300,000 that went to his family. You think this has anything to do with Pete Carroll looking into the NFL?? (SPORTSbyBROOKS)

But wait, this isn't the first time Carroll has looked into the NFL. It's like the 50th. (FanBlogs)

First the Lakers brought back short-shorts and now the Seahawks are trying to bring back hot pants.

ESPN isn't smart enough to have made this on purpose. (LA Weekly courtesy of Awful Announcing)

Does anyone feel sorry for Rich Rodriguez? He takes the job and then finds out he's losing his two top receivers and his starting QB. (AOL Fanhouse)

The longest sports winning streak in history comes to an end. (PartMule)

Can the Knicks just fire Isiah already so we don't have to hear from these guys again

Check out this North Carolina license plate. If you don't get it consider yourselves lucky and don't inquire further. And if a friend makes you watch it don't believe them when they say the gross parts over. (Move The Needle)

I predict a lot more guys are gonna be getting into trouble in Tampa. (The Big Lead)

A follow-up to "making change". Still no confirmed reports. (TrueHoop)

As if it couldn't get any worse for Clemens. Now he's being compared to Nixon. (Rocky Mountain News)