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AM Line: Raiders Played Like Gyllenhaal & Ledger

by Robbie Gillies

The Big 12 coaches if they were South Park characters. (Larry Brown Sports)

Sporting News is relevant again and are taking bloggers with them. FYI - I'm also available to go to the Super Bowl. (AOL Fanhouse)

Comb-over or hairnet - you decide. (Sports Hernia)

ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt doesn't know what ESPN stands for. (SSNN)

How bad were things in Oakland? Just ask Warren Sapp. (Deadspin)

Psst...Saint Louis...Come over here...Gotta tell you something...Straight lines are bad. (Vegas Watch)

DeShawn Stevenson has a new nickname - The Locksmith. (DC Sports Bog)

See what commercials will be airing during the Super Bowl. (Spotbowl.com)
This is still my favorite: