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AM Line: What To Get For The Die Hard Sports Fan

by Robbie Gillies

Attempting to track down ANYONE who can "make change" off the backboard - or at least touch it. Dwight Howard seems to be a possibility, but if he can he better bring that out in the Slam Dunk competition.

Not even the US Postal Service is safe from the Bears/Packers rivalry. Shouldn't they just paint the mailbox to Bears colors?

Bronson Arroyo pines for his days in Boston. Listen at around 4:10 for the change in lyrics.

This one's old, but I just looked at it again and it's pretty hilarious. A look at the best names in college basketball.

For those who are truly Die-Hard sports fans,

Jags add more fuel to the Pats fire. Check out their NFL Rankings.

Awhile ago I made a joke about Presbyterian College being the worst college basketball team. I was wrong.