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Comic Book Guy Says...

by Robbie Gillies

I don't know if there is a Pro Bowl Committee or not, but if there was, I'd imagine this conversation recently took place:

PB Committee guy #1 - Oh, just got this note. Jason Taylor's bailing on the Pro Bowl. Looks like we need to find a replacement.
PB Committee guy #2 - But, it's 5pm. Time to go home.
PB Committee guy #1 - Well, let's just take someone who made it last year then.
PB Committee guy #2
- Aaron Schobel it is!

How in the world did Aaron Schobel make the Pro Bowl this season? Schobel had 57 tackles and 6.5 sacks - decent numbers, but how about 59 tackles and 14 sacks? Those are the numbers of Mario Williams. This is the biggest All-Star snub I've ever seen...and I'm a Bills fan!

The Texans were given so much heat for drafting Williams over Reggie Bush, but were vindicated this year with Williams' playing extremely well and Bush's production dropping. How is Williams not being rewarded with a trip to the Pro Bowl?