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Jags' Spicer Stands By Cheating Comments

by Ryan Hudson

If there was ever a team that has had the ability to internalize the slightest negative comment directed at them, and then use it as motivation, it has been the Patriots (even before they went 16-0).

Apparently Jacksonville defensive lineman Paul Spicer wants to do his part to make sure Tom Brady and company have some nice bulletin board material for Saturday's game.

"Do like the NCAA and kick them out of the playoffs or something," Spicer told The Associated Press after news of the scandal broke. "Put them on probation; they can't go to no playoff games. Roger Goodell has definitely enforced some new rules. He's been hard on players. Now let's see how hard he's going to be with a team. This ain't news. I've heard it in the past. They finally got caught. The Patriots got caught. They're busted."

Then, this morning on ESPN2's First Take, Spicer stood by those comments.

"I don't regret saying what I said. I'm a man of my word. I always speak my mind and that's what I felt at that time. If they got to bring up something said so long ago, let that be their motivational tool."

Done and done.